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A range of people serving an IPP sentence, their families, and professionals

who work with them have blogged about the IPP sentence. You can

read their views and experiences here.

Blogs: Welcome


Exploring my Work

The Wonderment of an IPP Sentence.  HERE


Centre for Crime and Justice Studies

Eradicating 'this IPP stain': Can Imprisonment for Public Protection really be eliminated? HERE

To Save a Drowning Man

The Six Month Silence.  HERE


To Save a Drowning Man

An insight in to an IPP journey.  HERE

See the light. HERE

Freeze, put your hands up. HERE

The imponderable Parole pressure. HERE

HMP pressure cooker. HERE

Have you got a life jacket. HERE

The run in. HERE

Boxing fury. HERE

Offender Agenda

I.P.P Inhumane. Prolonged. Persecution.  HERE

Institute of Criminal Justice and Policy Research

Is the IPP sentence turning into the Ministry Of Justice's own Windrush scandal? HERE

Russell Webster

The mental health impact of being an IPP. HERE

How does an IPP sentence end? HERE

Blogs: Services

Know a blog post we have not included? We are still building our archive, so get in touch and tell us!

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