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This section houses UNGRIPP's archive of written journalism about

the IPP sentence. You can browse by year or by person.




Ex-prisoner’s cry for help over indefinite jail term before his death.  HERE

Justice Secretary to take ‘decisive action’ over indefinite prison sentences.  HERE

Government blasted for refusing to resentence inmates trapped in jail with no hope of release. HERE 

Revealed: 16 years in prison for stealing a bike and no hope of release – as 7 trapped in jail kill themselves.  HERE

Sky News

"Like many IPPs, he hasn't had a voice."  HERE

Reforms announced to address 'stain' of indefinite prison sentences.  HERE

UN torture expert urges government to review 'mess' left by indefinite prison sentences.  HERE

11 years for stealing a mobile phone: Inside the lives of IPP prisoners serving sentences of 'psychological torture'.  HERE

ITV News

Ministers criticised after rejecting review of open-ended . PP prison sentences.  HERE

Prisoner protests on roof of Strangeways prison in Manchester.  HERE

Scotswood prisoner to be released 17 years after attempted robberies of coat and phone.  HERE

Mother calls for immediate release of son jailed under abolished IPP scheme.  HERE

Bracknell man jailed at 17 under abolished IPP scheme refused parole, almost 20 years on.  HERE

Newcastle man released after 18 years in jail for trying to steal coat and phone.  HERE

Torture sentences' that consign some of Britain's most wronged prisoners to decades behind bars.  HERE

The Justice Gap

Government rejects calls to review IPP sentences.  HERE

Government rejects recommendations to resentence prisoners held indefinitely.  HERE

Trauma of IPP sentences revealed in new documentary.  HERE

New information request reveals ‘significant’ decrease in licence terminations for IPP prisoners.  HERE

‘Feelings of despair’ leading to IPP prisoner’s mental health problems.  HERE

The Guardian

UK government rejects call to resentence prisoners detained indefinitely.  HERE

Thousands of people like me are locked up with no fixed release date all because of New Labour’s political arms race.  HERE

Dominic Raab could face action for contempt of court, judges say.   HERE

Indefinite jail terms are state-sanctioned cruelty.  HERE

The law is gone but they are still in jail: who will free Britain’s most wronged prisoners?  HERE

UN torture expert urges UK government to review indefinite sentences.  HERE

Recall rules to be eased on indefinite jail sentences in England and Wales.  HERE

‘It’s bittersweet’: MoJ sentencing changes will bring freedom for some.  HERE

Over 1,800 offenders to have indefinite jail sentences terminated, says MoJ.  HERE

Number of offenders with indefinite sentences recalled to prison soars.  HERE

The Canary

Another prisoner on an indeterminate sentence has taken his own life, with no release date in sight.  HERE

The Mirror

Dad held in jail for almost three years despite being cleared of GBH charges.  HERE

Inside Time

Raab set to reject resentencing call for IPPs.  HERE

Transfers to open jails plummet by 90%.  HERE

IPP: “We’ll battle on”.  HERE

‘Free IPP prisoners to clear jail space for wolf-whistlers’.  HERE

IMB watch.  HERE

Newsbites: Board will oversee IPP prisoners.  HERE

Perfect Timing For IPP Debate?.  HERE

‘Parole reforms are a mistake’.  HERE

Senior figures criticise Dominic Raab’s curb on transfers to open prisons.  HERE

How, Why, What, Where, And When?  HERE

Campaigners will fight on after IPP setback.  HERE

Parole reform ‘puts public in danger’.  HERE

IPP Focus: Last month the Government rejected a call by MPs to resentence all IPP prisoners. Here, three campaigners respond.  HERE

Special supervisory board will oversee IPP prisoners.  HERE

Prisoners can’t move to open jails and it’s putting the public at risk, says governor.  HERE

Surviving against the odds.  HERE

Unlocking IPPs after a hospital stay.  HERE

If They Will Not Come To You.  HERE

IPP exhibition opens in Parliament.  HERE

Court of Appeal quashes IPP sentence.  HERE

Rule-change should help lifers and IPPs to reach open jails.  HERE

United Nations urges Government to review IPP sentences.  HERE

IPP: Jump in recalls where no new offence committed.  HERE

IPP causes suicides, says Ombudsman.  HERE

Revealed: IPP ‘carousel’ between prison and psychiatric hospital.  HERE

The March of the Amazons.  HERE

United Nations calls for resentencing of IPP prisoners.  HERE

This is not the end.  HERE

IPP: How will the changes affect you?  HERE

Decisions to recall IPP prisoners ‘are mostly correct’.  HERE

Alex Chalk says licence reform brings “hope” for IPP prisoners.  HERE

Labour opposes IPP resentencing.  HERE

Government shortens IPP licence period.  HERE

Order for Lifelong Restriction (OLR) Scotland’s equivalent of the IPP- part 2.  HERE

A peer with a plan.  HERE

Invitation divides campaigners.  HERE

Chalk ‘plans U-turn on licences’.  HERE

Invitation to join IPP stakeholder group divides campaigners.  HERE

Endless sentences ‘can be torture’.  HERE

A prison helped me to heal.  HERE

Government ‘set for U-turn on IPP licences’.  HERE

Exhibition of hope.  HERE

MoJ in go-slow on parole decisions.  HERE

Perfect timing.  HERE

‘Not working as originally intended’. HERE

Unlocking IPPs after a hospital stay.  HERE

‘Keep politics out of parole’.   HERE

“Raab’s IPP announcement was followed by suicides”.  HERE

MPs see IPP art.  HERE

Manchester Evening News

Clad in fluffy slippers and dressing gowns, filming for Snapchat, they arrived to watch the Strangeways protest.  HERE

LIVE: Greater Manchester Police say 'male prisoner willingly came down from Strangeways roof' after 12-hour protest... and warn 'he will now face punishment' - latest updates.  HERE

They have lost all hope': The 'scandal' jail sentence with a 'shameful' suicide rate behind the Strangeways roof protest.  HERE

Prisoner 'will now face punishment' over 12-hour protest on the roof of Strangeways, prison bosses vow.  HERE

All these men made big mistakes. But are we punishing them too much?  HERE

The Liverpool Echo

Live updates as inmate climbs onto roof of Strangeways prison.  HERE

Chronical Live 

HMP Frankland standoff: Every update after inmate stripped to pants and climbed onto roof.  HERE

The Critic 

Not justice, by a long stretch.  HERE

Daily Mail

Prisoner who staged 12-hour protest on roof of Strangeways prison is named as Joe Outlaw - a robber with 33 convictions.  HERE

Hull Daily Mail

Inmate who spent ten years in jail for a 24-month sentence took his own life in cell.  HERE


Abolish the IPP for all prisoners.  HERE


Powerful exhibition by families of IPP prisoners challenges continued injustice.  HERE

Bracknell News

Free Luke Ing: Mother wants IPP prisoner son released​.  HERE

No5 Barristers Chambers

Secretary of state admits parole board may ask for views or recommendations at oral hearings.  HERE

The Voice

Raab revives ‘racist’ prisoner law.  HERE

Law Society Gazette

IPP prisoners need resentencing.  HERE

A Lawyer Writes

Chalk considering limited IPP reform.  HERE

Doughty Street Chambers

Court of Appeal allows out of time appeal against Detention for Public Protection.  HERE

Context​ News

Policy, honestly. The real-life impacts of policy decisions.  HERE

The British psychological Society

Government urged to resentence people on IPP sentences which cause psychological harms.  HERE

‘Grave concern’ over imprisonment for public protection.  HERE

Conservative Home 

David Gauke: What Chalk, our personable new Justice Secretary, can achieve. Against a timetable of eighteen months or fewer.  HERE

Independent Monitoring Board

IPP prisoners report increased hopelessness following resentencing rejection.  HERE

Prison Reform Trust

Sir John Major: “We over-use prison and under value alternative sentences”.  HERE

PRT comment: IPP reforms announced.  HERE

Faith Spear

Public reaction to the IPP Scandal.  HERE

The IPP sentence: At an Inflection Point?  HERE

Let’s end this injustice now, TOGETHER: IPP Scandal.  HERE

Centre for Crime and Justice  Studies

Time to consider a compassionate release programme for IPP prisoners.  HERE


Nearly 2,000 prisoners to be freed from Blair-era indefinite sentences.  HERE

Howard League

We will keep fighting for the release of people serving IPP sentences.  HERE

Peter Stefanovic

Imagine a country where a man has spent 18 years in jail for trying to steal a coat or imprisoned for 11 yrs for stealing a mobile phone - sentences described by the UN as egregious miscarriages of justice.  HERE


POA National Chair, Mark Fairhurst interviewed on BBC Breakfast regarding prison overcrowding.  HERE

The Standard

Justice Secretary to take ‘decisive action’ over indefinite prison sentences.  HERE

Channel 4

Indeterminate prison sentences – when 18 months can last 18 years.  HERE

Lancashire Telegraph

Almost 3,000 prisoners remain incarcerated under IPPs.  HERE

Coventry Telegraph

Coventry man stuck in 'living hell' in prison for 17 years after being given 33 month sentence.  HERE

The Times

Pledge to help inmates who served their time but stay in prison.  HERE

Prospect Magazine

Will the government finally end the injustice of Imprisonment for Public Protection?  HERE

Laura Janes

Casting aside the shadow of the IPP sentence.  HERE

The House

Sentencing: Is Labour's prisons policy just a 'blank page'?  HERE

Cots Ministries

The most scandalous story in the British justice system.  HERE

Justice Select Committee

MoJ reforms on IPPs, parole and the Independent Public Advocate welcome, but IPP changes do not go far enough, Justice Committee warns.  HERE


Imprisonment for Public Protection: ‘The Greatest Single Stain’ on the UK Justice System.  HERE

Russell Webster

IPP Recalls Mostly In Line With Policy.  HERE

United Nations

Reform of problematic UK sentencing system welcome but bolder action needed says UN Special Rapporteur on torture.  HERE

UN expert urges immediate review of discredited UK sentencing scheme.  HERE


‘In perpetual purgatory’: Quakers fear for lives of offenders with indeterminate sentences.  HERE


What’s Fueling the Rise in Self-Inflicted Deaths Among IPP Prisoners?  HERE

Comment Central

Shake up needed on long-term sentences.  HERE


ITV News

No light at the end of the tunnel': Hundreds stuck behind bars under law abolished in 2012.  HERE

Hopes for Bury man serving indefinite jail term after calls for re-sentencing programme.  HERE

The Independent

MPs call for an overhaul of IPP jail sentences.  HERE

The Justice Gap

IPP scandal: prisoners stranded as ‘non-existent’ offences added to files.  HERE

Campaigners call for immediate release of IPP prisoners.  HERE

Inquest begins into death of ‘high risk’ IPP sentenced prisoner.  HERE

The Guardian

Dominic Raab urged to release prisoners jailed under abolished IPP scheme.  HERE

The Canary

A trans prisoner took his own life. His loved ones say the prison service is responsible.  HERE

No relief on the horizon for victims of cruel indefinite prison sentences.  HERE

The Economist

Too many British prisoners are still serving indefinite sentences. HERE

Inside Time

Bumbling Along.  HERE

MPs prepare IPP report.  HERE

IPP families Protest at Westminster. HERE

Pins and needles.  HERE

IPP protesters to march in support of MPs’ report.  HERE

On-the-run IPP prisoner speaks out.  HERE

Decision day for IPPs.  HERE

Only one in 35 prisoners joins an accredited programme.  HERE

Hundreds of IPP prisoners at local jails.  HERE

IPP protesters to march in support of MPs’ report.  HERE

Into the hot seat.  HERE

Offender management isn’t working, say inspectors.  HERE

Parole Board warned Raab his reforms make its job “close to impossible”.  HERE

BREAKING NEWS: MPs call for all IPP prisoners to be resentenced. HERE 

Fewer lifers progress towards open conditions.  HERE

Government set to reject IPP resentencing call.  HERE

Mercy plea to free IPP prisoners.  HERE

Transfers to open jails plummet by 90%.  HERE


Cambridge Coroner says alert system access poses risk of future deaths.  HERE

The Law Society Gazette

Left Hanging.  HERE

Police Oracle

MPs call for the end of the IPP sentence.  HERE

Lancs Live

'Model prisoner' found dead at Leyland prison after being refused parole.  HERE

Birmingham Live

Escaped Prisoner Phones Birmingham Live to say 'Jails driving me insane'.  HERE

Hull Live

Hull woman's despair as partner remains in jail 13 years after being handed sentence of only a few months.  HERE

The Sun

Banged up.  My brother was jailed for three years... but nearly two decades later he's still locked up and he may never come home.  HERE

Open Democracy

Families' plea over 'barbaric' indefinite prison sentences for minor crimes.  HERE

Prisoners ‘may have been refused parole due to fake crimes on files’.  HERE

Hundreds have spent 15 years in jail under abolished indefinite sentences.  HERE

People News Chronicle

The mental torture of Britain’s forgotten prisoners.  HERE

Russell Cooke

Banged Up! Indeterminate Sentences of Imprisonment for Public Protection.  HERE


INQUEST into death of IPP sentenced prisoner Lewis Powter.  HERE

The Bury Times

Bury man may be released after IPP sentences deemed 'flawed'.  HERE


Parole changes keep coming.  HERE

Centre for Crime and Justice Studies

Call for the release of IPP prisoners "without delay".  HERE

A Lawyer Writes

The law of unintended consequences.  HERE

Halesowen News

MPs call for an overhaul of IPP jail sentences.  HERE

Garden Court Chambers

Cambridge Coroner says alert system access poses risk of future deaths following inquest into the death of Lewis Powter.  HERE

News Week

'I Spent a Decade Working Inside Prisons, One Inmate Made Me Quit'.   HERE


The Canary
Thousands still languish in UK prisons with no release date. HERE

The Times

There are 3000 lifers who shouldn't be in jail.  HERE

The Justice Gap
IPP prisoners should be resentenced immediately, says ex Lord Chief Justice.  HERE

Sky News
Indefinite prison sentences: Campaigners call for existing licences to be ended.  HERE


Prisoner served 10 years for theft of a mobile phone.  HERE

Imprisonment for Public Protection jail terms 'a death sentence'.  HERE


The hopelessness of the IPP sentence.  HERE

The Yorkshire Post

Re-sentence 3,000 prisoners caught in jail 'trap' inadvertently established by David Blunkett, MPs advised.  HERE

Inside Time

IPP: Creation, abolition and festering afterlife.  HERE

Amnesty International calls on UK to free thousands of prisoners held on abolished IPP sentences.  HERE

'Trapped in a crumbling System'.  HERE

‘Give IPP prisoners a release date’. HERE

Moving in the right direction.  HERE

Parole Chief calls for resentencing of IPPs.  HERE

UNGRIPP meets Secretary of State.  HERE

Prisons: The good, the bad and the ugly.  HERE

Outlaw does good.  HERE

Rise in IPP recalls during pandemic.  HERE

The time is now.  HERE

Decline in OB programmes.  HERE

Time to go.  HERE

I know we'll make the same mistake again.  HERE

Hundreds of prisoners take part in IPP inquiry.  HERE

IPP is a “disaster”, admits Lord Blunkett.  HERE

Resentence all IPP prisoners, says former Lord Chief Justice.  HERE

Psychiatrist tells MPs: IPP makes prisoners mentally ill.  HERE

Trapped in a crumbling system. HERE

Families share pain without end. HERE

Labour calls for cross-party consensus to end IPP suffering. HERE

'IPPs should be resentenced' - Parole Chief. HERE

Liberty supports IPP reform - HERE

IPP prisoners face cycle of release and recall - HERE

Man on two year IPP sentence dies in jail 14 years later - HERE

IPP licences lifted - HERE

IPP prisoner cuts off ear - HERE

Government changes policy on termination of IPP licences.  HERE

No plans to terminate IPP sentences.  HERE

MPs’ inquiry into IPP sentences welcomed by campaigners.  HERE

“Toxic legacy” of IPP sentences.  HERE

Families Share pain without end.  HERE

IPP: A move in the right direction.  HERE

A Winters Tale.  HERE

Minister denies IPP's are rough Justice.  HERE

Newsflash - United Group for Reform of IPP.  HERE

Prisons White Paper will focus on rehabilitation says Dominic Raab.  HERE

Desperately seeking solutions.  HERE

Make the rest of your life the best of your life.  HERE

Unique Individuals behind every statistic.  HERE

Praise the Lords.  HERE

Justice Committee Inquiry into IPPs.  HERE

The Wrong Approach.  HERE



2010 - 2013


Economic Voice



The Justice Gap

What’s an IPP sentence.  HERE

The Guardian

Indeterminate sentences: a 'stain' on the criminal justice system.  HERE


Inside Time

IPP Continues to plague the prison system.  HERE


Inside Time

IPP update: government admits situation ‘not defensible’.  HERE


Wayne Bell

Meet the inmate still in prison after nicking a bike 12 years ago.  HERE

John Cavanagh

‘I Tried to End My Life’: Covid-19 Exposes the Injustice of ‘never-ending’Prison Sentences.  HERE

Ian Hartley

I’m one of thousands of prisoners with no release date in sight – this is how the IPP sentence ruined my life.  HERE

The HMP kids: Damage done by IPP sentencing.  HERE

Personal account from IPP prisoner Ian Hartley.  HERE

Aaron Harris

Man who's been in prison for 13 years with no prospect of release under a now-illegal indeterminate sentence faces losing a leg due to severe self-harm as he struggles to cope with 'hopeless' situation.  HERE

Shaun Lloyd

Cardiff man given 'life sentence by back door' for phone theft.  HERE

Tommy Nicol

Man crushed by indefinite sentence drew a circle of blood before hanging himself.  HERE

Sister of IPP prisoner who took his own life calls for urgent action.  HERE

Charlotte Nokes

Charlotte Nokes's father: 'They might as well have thrown the key away'.  HERE

Charlotte Nokes: the brutality of indeterminate sentences.  HERE

I could well die in here': The story of Charlotte Noakes and the thousands still looked up on indefinite sentences.  HERE

Kiya Smith

My son stole a phone aged 17. Soon he'll have spent 10 years in jail for it'.  HERE

James Ward

IPP prisoner James Ward release is 'bittersweet' says sister.  HERE

Prisoner 'trapped' in jail for 11 years to be released.  HERE

Prisoner who has served 11 years on 10-month sentence to be released.  HERE

James Ward will be released 11 years after being given ten-month jail sentence.  HERE

Prisoner left languishing for 11 years following 10 month sentence to be released.  HERE

A prisoner who’s served ten times his original sentence is being released. But thousands like him remain inside.  HERE

Danny Weatherson

Man, 32, spent half his life in prison for trying to steal a coat and phone.  HERE

Dad of ‘trapped’ prisoner Danny Weatherson says jail lockdown is 'like lying in a coffin'.   HERE

Heartbreak for 'trapped' prisoner Danny Weatherson as he takes another blow in fight for release.  HERE

Prisoner who has served 15 years of 15 month sentence fears for life as coronavirus spreads.  HERE

Prisoner's emotional letter on 15th Christmas in jail for trying to steal coat and phone.  HERE

Heartbreak for 'trapped' Scotswood prisoner Danny Weatherson after parole hearing adjourned until 2020.  HERE

Anger as 'trapped' Scotswood prisoner Danny Weatherson's chance of freedom delayed again.  HERE

'It's make of break for him now' - Prisoner Danny Weatherson set to learn his fate.  HERE

Thomas White

Boy's powerful letter begging to see dad still in prison 9 years after stealing phone.  HERE

Can you help me speak to my daddy? Heartbreaking letter of boy, 10, whose dad has spent nine years in prison for robbing a phone.  HERE

Fears for dad in ninth year of 'soul destroying' indefinite sentence for stealing phone.  HERE

Lawrence Owen

Man, 27, given indefinite sentence for trying to kill himself in fire could die in jail.  HERE

Michael Presley

'I've lost hope' - Convict Michael Presley hits out in video after escaping prison.  HERE

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