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The Mirror

Top Judge blasts U.K's indefinite sentence as most monstrous injustice of all time.  HERE

Everything you need to know about Imprisonment for Public Protection sentences.  HERE

SW Londoner

IPP population at near standstill for first time in five years.  HERE

Resilience. Understanding the journey from trauma to crime. HERE

Justice Rapport

The Forgotten – The Prisoners Who Continue to Serve Abolished IPP Sentences.  HERE

Inside Time

Requiem for IPPs and their families.  HERE


The Justice Gap

New legislation needed to ‘end the injustice’ of IPP prisoners.  HERE

Planet Radio

Exclusive: Dozens of IPP prisoners still behind bars in West Midlands.  HERE

The Guardian

IPP sentencing regime in England and Wales called 'deeply harmful'.  HERE

The Overtake

No escape: The mental torture of Britain’s forgotten prisoners.  HERE

The Vice

Thousands of Prisoners Are Stuck in Endless Limbo in British Jails.  HERE

The Church Times

Pleas made to release 2400 prisoners still held under IPP.  HERE

Inside Time

Completely Unsatisfactory.  HERE


Prisoners Sentenced Under Now Abolished IPP Law ‘Give Up Hope Of Release’.  HERE

Press Reader

Man in jail for eight years out in time for Christmas.  HERE


New Humanist

A neverending sentence.  HERE

The Sun

INDEFINITE SENTENCE What is imprisonment for public protection, who is James Ward and how many IPP prisoners are there in the UK?.  HERE


The Week

Britain's IPP prisoners shackled with indefinite terms.  HERE


Imprisonment for Public Protection – What is an IPP prisoner?.  HERE

New Statesman

“I’m to blame”: Blunkett’s indefinite prison sentences and the thousands still locked up without hope.  HERE


Prison Watch UK

‘A living hell’ – the untold story of the partner of a man on IPP.  HERE

Belfast Telegraph

Prisoners serving 'discredited' IPP sentences 'self-harming in despair'.  HERE


Economic Voice



The Justice Gap

What’s an IPP sentence.  HERE


Inside Time

IPP Continues to plague the prison system.  HERE


Inside Time

IPP update: government admits situation ‘not defensible’.  HERE


Wayne Bell

Meet the inmate still in prison after nicking a bike 12 years ago.  Read here

John Cavanagh

‘I Tried to End My Life’: Covid-19 Exposes the Injustice of ‘never-ending’Prison Sentences.  Read here

Ian Hartley

I’m one of thousands of prisoners with no release date in sight – this is how the IPP sentence ruined my life.  Read here

The HMP kids: Damage done by IPP sentencing.  Read here

Personal account from IPP prisoner Ian Hartley.  Read here

Aaron Harris

Man who's been in prison for 13 years with no prospect of release under a now-illegal indeterminate sentence faces losing a leg due to severe self-harm as he struggles to cope with 'hopeless' situation.  Read here

Shaun Lloyd

Cardiff man given 'life sentence by back door' for phone theft.  Read here

Tommy Nicol

Man crushed by indefinite sentence drew a circle of blood before hanging himself.  Read here

Sister of IPP prisoner who took his own life calls for urgent action.  Read here

Charlotte Nokes

Charlotte Nokes's father: 'They might as well have thrown the key away'.  Read here

Charlotte Nokes: the brutality of indeterminate sentences.  Read here

I could well die in here': The story of Charlotte Noakes and the thousands still looked up on indefinite sentences.  Read here

Kiya Smith

My son stole a phone aged 17. Soon he'll have spent 10 years in jail for it'.  Read here

James Ward

IPP prisoner James Ward release is 'bittersweet' says sister.  Read here

Prisoner 'trapped' in jail for 11 years to be released.  Read here

Prisoner who has served 11 years on 10-month sentence to be released.  Read here

James Ward will be released 11 years after being given ten-month jail sentence.  Read here

Prisoner left languishing for 11 years following 10 month sentence to be released.  Read here

A prisoner who’s served ten times his original sentence is being released. But thousands like him remain inside.  Read here

Danny Weatherson

Man, 32, spent half his life in prison for trying to steal a coat and phone.  Read here

Dad of ‘trapped’ prisoner Danny Weatherson says jail lockdown is 'like lying in a coffin'.  Read here

Heartbreak for 'trapped' prisoner Danny Weatherson as he takes another blow in fight for release.  Read here

Prisoner who has served 15 years of 15 month sentence fears for life as coronavirus spreads.  Read here

Prisoner's emotional letter on 15th Christmas in jail for trying to steal coat and phone.  Read here

Heartbreak for 'trapped' Scotswood prisoner Danny Weatherson after parole hearing adjourned until 2020.  Read here

Thomas White

Boy's powerful letter begging to see dad still in prison 9 years after stealing phone.  Read here

Can you help me speak to my daddy? Heartbreaking letter of boy, 10, whose dad has spent nine years in prison for robbing a phone.  Read here

Fears for dad in ninth year of 'soul destroying' indefinite sentence for stealing phone.  Read here

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