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This section houses UNGRIPP's archive of audio-visual features on the IPP sentence.



BBC Radio 4

Trapped in the System. HERE

The Institute of Now - Trapped

The IPP Prisoner Scandal - A series of 10 podcasts.  HERE

The Prison Lawyers

IPP Prisoner Update with UNGRIPP.  HERE

Sky News

'Psychological torture': The row over never-ending prison sentences.  HERE


The Institute of Now

IPP Unintended Consequences.  HERE

ITV News

Thousands stuck behind bars under law abolished ten years ago.  HERE

The campaigners fighting to free relatives stuck behind bars under law abolished in 2012.  HERE

Select Committee publishes findings from IPP inquiry.  HERE

5 News

Calls to re-sentence 3,000 inmates trapped under indefinite jail terms.  HERE

BBC Radio Live 5

'I started to realise my brother could die in prison'.  HERE

BBC Sounds 

Families share their views and experiences of the IPP sentence. HERE

Times Radio

Can the UK end endless prison sentences?  HERE

BBC Radio 4

Law in Action: Secrecy in the Court of Protection?  HERE

Centre for Crime and Justice Studies

Lunch with Shirley Debono and Donna Mooney.  HERE


Life Sentences by Stealth: Nate Interviews Sam Asumadu about IPPs.  HERE


Life in Focus - “Knife Crime Through The Eyes of The Judges”.  HERE

Rebel Justice

Changing the Way you See Justice.  HERE


Josie Bevan: Radio 4

Prison Break: Who is prison for? HERE

Prison Reform Trust

PRT Webinar: The experiences of prisoners recalled under the IPP sentence.  HERE

Paul Clough

Free IPP prisoners. HERE

The Justice Gap

Episode 4: 'The greatest stain on our justice system'. HERE


Channel 4

Campaigners urge UK government to take action on indeterminate prison sentences.  HERE

The Guardian

The neverending prison sentences. HERE


BBC News Wales interviews SL5's Andrew Sperling re the abolished IPP sentence.  HERE 

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