242 people who received the IPP sentence have died in prison. 71 took their own life. This represents the ultimate tragedy of the sentence – the complete loss of hope. Reports

by the Prison and Probation Ombudsman have pointed to the IPP sentence as a

contributory factor to suicides.

We believe it is important to know how many people serving IPP sentence have died, and why. But we also believe each person should be recognised as much more than just a number.

We are working on preserving the memory of this especially painful part of the IPP

sentence in a sensitive way, but which does not turn away from its tragedy.

Here, we present a mural of 242 silhouettes, to represent the personhood and humanity of each person who has died while serving the IPP sentence. They each deserve to be remembered.

If your loved one died while serving an IPP sentence and you would like them to be

remembered here with a picture and/or their story, get in touch with us.

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